Dreamcrusher releases two new tracks to fuck up your Spring


When the email hit my inbox… when the email hit my inbox I literally screamed. Threw everything on the couch, went to the S3R‘s studio speakers and just prepared myself.

And what came back was so beautifully dynamic, raw, aggressive, showed the range of their human emotion, was jovial, smart, reflective… simply the beauty of Dreamcrusher in sound. I’m so happy. 

Cishet IMMEDIATELY makes me wanna get life and go OFF communally  with other beautifully uninhibited souls in the DIY spaces I call home on a weekly basis. Dreamcrusher expelled an honest emotion so indicative of their character in real life – warm, welcoming, wildly free, aggressivly loving and safe, and ultimately connective. Honestly, I can’t wait for them to play this out live. Its gonna be an explosion, a literal 3 minute 39 second bomb. 

FEVER shows a different side of the Brooklyn based harsh noise musician than we heard on Grudge 2. It’s what I imagine the rapture to sound like. Captivating, it won’t let you go, begs being present, introspection and your full honesty in participation. I for one, cannot wait to hear this played out live as well, surrounded by the DIY musicians and creatives who are consistently bleeding their own existence in art. It’s these moments of honesty in art and connection through community that makes NYC more fiery, beautiful and communally powerful than I’ve ever seen it, right now. 

If you wanna experience all the glory and connection I’ve been testifying about being present at Dreamcrusher’s shows, you have a chance to participate tomorrow night at (le) Poisson Rouge, 7pm. 

Dreamcrusher will be playing in concert alongside KTL (Stephen O’Malley & Peter Rehberg) & Azonic at the iconic Manhattan venue.

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