Chicago Juke was birthed out of something so raw, so minimal, so un-apologetically black and honest that words fail to truly describe it. You can’t wiki a lifestyle, a series of cause and reactions. Underground black house music, and the expressions it spawned are all too human, too creative and too much community for one to really understand the whats, why’s and how’s without having personally experienced it. You see, you gotta experience life in community first-hand to really know what that community is all about.

That’s why what DJ Slugo did from the mid 90’s into the late 2000’s was simply brilliant and brilliantly simple, he brought out a camera and pressed record. He recorded the parties, studio sessions and everyday life of black Chicagoan’s fathering the sound and culture of Ghettohouse music. DJ Slugo’s Chicago Juke DVD’s range a span of twelve plus years, with different episodes that cover everything from house parties, the local barber shop, kids in parking lots and clubs, all jukin and footworkin to what would become known worldwide as Ghettotech/ Ghettohouse/ Footwork and Juke music.

DJ Slugo – Chicago Juke DVD
Get Down Lil Mama Track – Produced By: Traxman

10 years later, S3R founder and record producer, The 83rd, (who started his production career working under Chicago house legend Maurice Joshua and w/ DJ Gantman), re-posted and play-listed Slugo’s Juke DVD’s to give further exposure to the rawest parts of Chicago Ghettotech. Those videos went Facebook viral, totaling over a million views and reviving the online conversation of the Chicago Juke scene, and how to bring that culture back into the forefront of the city’s identity. The resurgence resulted in rumors of a Ghettohouse documentary and tour between Sermon 3 and DJ Slugo. We’re looking forward to how all this pans out. Check a lil bit of how the Chicago underground gets down with more of DJ Slugo’s Chicago Juke DVD below.

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