CORPUS TV Has Officially Launched

This past Monday was a step forward in DIY ownership for underground music, brands and culture. NYC hardcore band Show Me The Body and their affiliated visual artist collective, CENO, came to together to launch their own media network, officially dubbed CORPUS TV.

CORPUS TV is produced as a collaboration between both networks to be able to disseminate their own curated content, featuring other artists, friends and creative homies that they genuinely want to showcase content with.

It’s important to be able to own your content and make the final decisions as creatives. For so long, artists have been the source of creativity without the final say-so in their own work. Backwards huh? Well COPRUS TV is a provable step forward in breaking that archaic and suppressive business model.

Episode 1 features non other than the life force of queer revolt-harsh-noise-spread-flowers-in-a blacked-out-pit beautifully-souled artist, Dreamcrusher. Their are no “power relationships” here. Dreamcrusher and SMTB are real friends and frequent show collaborators. Their in-person presence is larger than life, captivating, honest and unapologetic. It’s only right that Dreamcrusher kick off the inaugural episode of CORPUS TV.

Whats it about you say? A look into the Dreamcrusher recording process? BTS with Dreamcrusher? How Dreamcrusher feels about the DIY scene in NYC? NOPE. Not at all. It warms my heart to say that episode 1 of CORPUS TV is.. ‘Cooking With Dreamcrusher’. yasssssss

Watch the Full Episode Below:

You can catch this and each episode of Corpus TV at CORPUS.NYC

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