Collective Chaos Secret Location Warehouse Rave Takes Over New Years 2019


Neva in my life have I seen a lineup like this. 

An audacious list of boundary pushing artist from across multiple genres are all coming together to fuck up New Years 2019 at a secret location warehouse in Brooklyn. 

Yves Tumor, Machine Girl, Dreamcrusher, Lenny Dee, Via App, Deli Girls, Qualiatik, Gatekeeper, Channel 63, Martial Canterel, Ylang Ylang, Neve, Robot Moon Juice, Phoneg1rl, Moma Ready, Kill Alters, TRiPPJONES, Skulptor, Pauli Cakes, Zakamatic, Greem Jellyfish, Goodsafeperson, Dasychira, Hex.sys, SADAF, Octonomy, No Bra, Princess Peggie, Dani Rev, Cotton Roach and Eel Tank are ALL playing… just to name a few. 🙂 

Produced by Zev Rector and Melting Point, and organized by collectives RE:NÜ, CIPHER, Unseelie, Fight Club, Das Dhem, Nevermind and Sermon 3 Recordingsthis is a second in what seems to be a series of parties, in which burgeoning Brooklyn underground music communities have collectively teamed up to throw massive secret raves.  

It reminds me of what New York City used to be like in the 70s and 80s, when The Loft and Paradise Garage was running, for example. No Wave emerged alongside punks partying with disco heads partying with foundational hip hop fathers, all in lower Manhatthan in these massive spaces abandoned spaces. It was a specific time. Something special. 

And by the looks of it, this seems to be another special time in New York’s history. 

Collect Chaos Secret Location Rave

If you’re interested in what the culture creating, fringe-dwelling music and art scene in New York City is doing NOW, visit for tickets. A special entry code, “friends929”, is available to get community tickets at a discounted price. gannnng. 

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