2:51: Every single case its some little black s-hole behaving like a savage and he gets himself in trouble shockingly enough. Whatever problems I may have with my fellow white people they generally are not inclined to such behavior, and you gotta kinda take that into consideration when you’re thinking about how to organize your society.

11:23: James Fields Jr. runs over a crowd of protestors with his car, dragging them up and down the middle of the street. 1 dead, 19 injured.

You aren’t inclined to what now?

The thing I feel like we keep forgetting is that it’s not like it’s just two groups of people who are prone to violence and its all just sad. Or the idea that there’s two sides to every story and we need to take sometime to figure it out, as Trump defended in his ‘all sides to blame‘ press conference.

The KKK, Neo-Nazi’s and white supremacist are attacking people in rhetoric and action, because they hate other people. Period.

And Trump chalking up this weekend to ‘blame on both sides’ clears the alt right of their accountability, and overlooks that hate is not debatable. It’s wrong and needs to be eradicated.

We need to remember that hate-rhetoric and attacks aren’t in any way similar (in motive or action) to people simply fighting your hate, which is necessary. All the protestors are ever saying is stop the hate. Stop the hate. Make this shit equal. In opportunity and rights.

Trump dismissing the hate speech and historic violence that once again reared its ugly head against a peacefully protesting crowd Saturday, killing one and injuring dozens, (and the symbol of that in Robert E. Lee’s statue), is the worst thing he could possibly do in this situation. Passive normalization of a Neo Nazi terror attack. That’s what that is. And the normalization  of that allows that kind of thinking and action to be justified and continued.

The lack of accountability is staggering.

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