Cali Inmates to Have Records Cleared for Weed Related Crimes

Oh u didnt know? Thanks to prop 64, inmates convicted of marijuana related offenses will now have an opportunity to clear their record! whaaa?! YES.

PROPOSITION 64 legailzed weed use across the board for 21 + in cali, and in the process are setting inmates free who were convicted on weed crimes, and clearing other inmates of felony records, allowing them to have full citizen rights again. Thats means they’ll be able to vote, apply for loans, and it won’t appear on their job applications…(yes lawd) ..get that shmoneyyy honey.

were hyped over here if u cant tell. -_-

This law directly applies to over 1 million convicts in Cali, who are disproportionately black. (Blacks & whites use weed at the same rates, yet blacks were 5 times as likely to be arrested for a marijuana felony than white offenders in California).

Weed Felony Arrest in Cali via VICE NEWS

Now that these felonies are now considered misdemeanors many inmates will be released on time served, and many more will have their record wiped clean all together.

New York we need you to move next. Blacks are 10 times more likely to be arrested in NYC than whites, with the majority of offenses being non-violent drug related offenses.. so uhh can we get prop 65 over this way? thankkk youuuu.

Watch this telling video from VICE NEWS on Proposition 64 and how you can register to have your criminal record cleaned.

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