Booked by Grandma “Palentines” Show Reminds us of the Beauty of Falling in Love with our Friends



Almost exactly a month ago, a time before we were all self quarantining and elbow bumping, I entered a quiet door on a brisk night to find myself enveloped in streamers sweeping aside to bloom a glitter glam fantasy play land packed with babes and pals. BK’s Rubulad is always on point with their ever morphing decor, but what really first struck me with its lil love bow were the small touches brought in by Booked by Grandma and the CUTE AF crowd. Sweethearts filled out and exchanged palentine’s and sweettooths munched on doughnuts of every flavor.

<3 will u be my PALentine? <3

The soundtrack for the night was led by Water From Your Eyes, leading me to drift in and out of an intimate yet disaffected state similar to the indie pop high school angst crushes I fell into circa the Garden State Soundtrack age of innocence. Left feeling dreamy and yearning I wandered outside between sets to explore the garden and maybe flirt. I met a cutie on the rainbow tongue slide and took their portrait.

Back inside I may or may not have fallen in love with the stage presence of La Neve. But what’s not to love about a punk cutie-with-a-booty who slays for Bernie and doesn’t miss a beat even with an outfit change from lime green snakeskin to a black harness two piece? I bought their last tape for one of my palentines.

crush factor 10/10

Fellow pink haired qt Jackie Mendoza brought me to the land of eternal sunrises with her bumpin’ breezy bilingual beats and lush melodies. Music I would add to a mix alongside Willow Smith or Sevdaliza if I was trying to set a sultry yet airy vibe for pal-turned-crush hangs. The cutest I felt all night.

<3 <3 <3

In from the UK, Miss World helped break up the palpable tension being built and end with a campy camaraderie. In hearing the song lyrics, “you watch my stories but you don’t like my posts” I turned to my lover-turned-pal who had accompanied me that night and laughed while I said, “too real.”

Miss World serves toungue-in-cheek lyrical realness

TBH I fall in love a lot. My most recent facebook post went something like, “I have a crush on all my friends and I don’t care who knows.” That’s not to say love is cheap to me in any way. I just appreciate its fluid nature and all the ways we can love one another. The Palentine’s event reminded me that through the waves of crushes I have navigated, the truest, deepest, unfaltering love I have found is with my friends.

spread the love! vote for Bernie!

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