…awh shit XXXTentaction is finally out! A day alot of people have been waiting on came the 27th with X’s release from Broward County Jail. He had been locked up on charges of armed home invasion and aggravated battery.  Initially denying his release as a surprise to his fans, X was spotted at Gamestop in Broward Mall. He subsequently confirmed his new status via twitter, encouraging fans to check his 103.5 interview.

In his first Periscope after returning home, X announced he has 4 new mixtapes coming, I Need Jesus, Revenge, and Seventeen, as well as Members Only Volume 3. All of this accompanied alongside a new single about to drop in the next coming days via his new label deal w/ Empire Records.

During his 103.5 interview X futher discussed future plans, as well as mentioning he thought Drake was a bitch for biting his flow on KMT, which hit #63 on Billboard charts.

“He’s not a man. I think he’s a bitch, that’s a bitch move,” he goes on to say. “Especially when I was in jail facing life. If Drake would’ve came to my bond hearing, you know what I’m saying, that would’ve made my fucking day. If he had showed that he’s a hospitable person and that he’s really in this shit for the culture, rather than being a bitch taking my shit, running off with it and then putting it on his album, then he would’ve gotten my kudos, gotten my respect. I would’ve let him hop on the remix and take 100 percent royalty rate.”

Watch the  full interview below.

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