Spewing Cum, S3R News

The New York City based hardcore band hasn’t been active on social media for months, which in social media’s time-vortex feel like years. That’s all too long imo cause Spewing Cum is dope. Fucking dope.

Their  brazenly raw single from last year, Too Many Cops, is what first caught my attention about the band. Pulling no punches it drops right into the hook w/ pounding drums and guitar, unrelenting. Too many Cops continues, all-the-while catchy in its warm, overdriven, vintage sounding glory.

Spewing Cum brings an energy, a fire to the punk scene that’s reminiscent of early 80’s NYC post punk at its height. Fucking dirty man, short, sweet and dirty.

Wherever Spewing Cum is… I hope they’re recording what will be the follow-up to FxSxV Vol. 2.

Looking forward to whats next.



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