While an entire sea separates New York City from Vaj Power, it is clear the Glasgow based visual art duo brings something new to the New York City underground scene. After seeing Vaj Power’s artistry, it is quickly realized what the duo creates is greater than the sum of its parts and: music + video ≠ music video.

Sofya and Holly of Vaj Power identified as visual artists of different mediums before joining forces and unfolding Vaj Power’s visuals on the Glasgow VJ scene. Together as Vaj Power, the two started incorporating music as a platform to show their visuals as VJs in the club setting, exploring audio reactive technology, projection mapping and animation. In a VJ scene dominated by men, the biggest struggles Vaj Power faces isn’t gender related; it’s how trailblazing their ideas are. Vaj Power’s vision to create unique realities by utilizing fresh technologies leaves the visual art duo pioneering their own way to incorporating technology into their innovative art.

In creating a marriage of visual and audio that transcends the nature of visual art acting as a mere decoration to music, Vaj Power strives for a “continual search to find their place in visual art through exploring the personal experience as virtual experience.” The visuals Vaj Power create not only support the message of the music they work with, their visuals embody the very essence of the message.

A music video that provides an experience compelling you to imagine the visuals when hearing the audio, and to hear the audio when seeing the visuals every time after – “that’s the goal.” Collaboration is the lifeblood of Vaj Power’s medium and artistry. In addition to collaborating with other artists, (check out this lit video collab with The 83rd for Again I), Vaj Power holds workshops to teach their prowess and fresh technologies they are using in their art to the next generation of visual artists at the Glasgow School of Art, where they are currently wrapping up their last year of studies.