This April we discovered Project Unity, a non-profit that documented the homeless in mid-town Manhattan, to find out more about their world, their wants and their needs, and give them a platform to speak on their mind thru their experiences. SUPER IMPORTANT.

Project Unity’s goal was to raise funds to supply the homeless with necessities, such as clothing, blankets, warm food, shelter and support that every human being deserves.

It looks as if Project Unity unfortunately went defunct, as we can’t find any more information on them and their initial campaign didn’t reach its goals. Still those voices recorded, their message, are still real very potent and need to be heard. Listen up, straight from the people of New York City’s mouth below.

We also added Tripp Jones Break Down/Strangle chords, the history behind the college-aged Nazi-fightin german kids ‘The White Rose Society’, archived recordings of Bronx super group ESG, Show Me The Body’s Talk video, as well as Carl Kavorkian’s latest project, Manikineter – who’s new video is fire btw, oh yea and DJ Slugo – A Blunt.. ayeee and even more hyper creative, subculture goodness below… check it: