Brooklyn doom metal and noise collective CASAS makes art with intent. As mentioned in an earlier S3R article, CASAS was formed out of a reaction to learning of the horrors of Spanish colonialism in Hispanolia by front man Jackson Kovalchik.

Well CASAS also delivers its art with extreme intent. In an age where so many music releases happen purely thru pressing upload on digital streaming platforms and finding stock photos from google searches, CASAS made sure that the album art and the delivery of that art was as human, connected and community-based as the lives of the people they channeled in their self titled album.

CASAS Album, S3R News

Jackson says, “The merchandise for this record was made in a very similar process to the making of the music on the album. While the concepts for what I wanted to make were there, I needed the help of other insanely creative individuals to make it happen. It is with the intention of collaboration that we were able to make the first run of 50 tapes, hand duplicated by Derek Rush, which were then printed by Thomas Toye of Illogical Comics in his basement. While I made the cover art with white acrylic on black canvas, Lee Bartow of Annihilvs Power Electronix was so kind and helped with the finances of the tape, and promotion.”

CASAS Cassettes, S3R News

The processed inside-album image was made by Tom Toye as well, sourced from a picture taken by Jackson’s friend, Sheep, of Death By Sheep Records.

CASAS Inside Cover Image, S3R News

Jackson goes on to say, “The same image unadulterated was used for the Lathe Cut 7″. Sheep wanted to help me put it out, so we put together the song and the image and sent it to Zack Hanson of Precarion Cuts to actually put together. He cut the square 7″ pieces of plexiglass one at a time using 70 yr old machines, and then attached the image to the plastic, it looks ridiculously cool, and sounds crazy good.”

CASAS Album 7″ Lathe Cut Picture Disc, S3R News

There are only 50 tapes and 25  7″ inches available, making CASAS a very personal physical listening experience. For those still wanting the digital versions, CASAS has a special inclusionary offering for them as well, adding a bonus solo CASAS noise track to all those who download the album via Bandcamp.

CASAS album is OUT NOW.

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