TESTIFY Feb Video Playlist Finds its Roots in Black Bloodlines


TESTIFY Feb Video Playlist is out now and is a cross section of unconfined artists spanning multiple decades across multiple genres.  

From the experimental nuisance of Klein to the archived battle cries of Hank Wood and The Hammerheads, TESTIFY Feb highlights the holy hyper creative expression that keep us all alive through its pure honesty, emotion and expression.

That pure honesty and emotion, that soul, is no more present than in Boyd and Ruth May Rivers, the blues/gospel couple from Canton, Mississippi in 1978, who kick off TESTIFY Feb 2020.

Boyd and Ruth May Rivers at home in Canton, Mississippi (1978)

The black couple was documented singing and playing songs close to their heart in their living room by Alan Lomax. It’s easy to see that every word that bubbled out of them came from experience… from a real, honest, dearly close place. The Rivers lived in a Jim Crow South, a place of generational struggle and generational genius evoked to continually overcome that struggle.

It’s that vulnerability, pure unrestraint, pure human soul and resilience that is the driving force behind everything noise, punk, experimental and underground we set our feet in today.

You see it when you experience see Dreamcrusher, from Wichita, Kansas, emoting their experiences live at Trans-Pecos in NY.

You see it when you watch Klein confront the isolation and hyprocisy of church and community spaces from a very first hand experience in Marks of Worhsip.

You hear it when you listen to the backbeat and musical cadence of Pelada and COUCOU CHLOE and Lanark Artefak.

You watch it in the way FKA twigs moves in her videos.

The Black experience of not only surviving, but choosing to intentionally set its feet to thrive, regardless of the systemic intention of destruction it consistently faces is a testament to the human spirit, something regardless of race affects your subconscious and conscious, inspiring oneself to contiually be greater.

Watch the bloodline of that ethos show itself in TESTIFY Feburary below.

TESTIFY Feb 2020 Full Video Playlist


Boyd & Ruth May Rivers

FKA twigs feat Future

Klein ft Kahlia Bakosi


Hank Wood And The Hammerheads


Lanark Artefak

The 83rd


DJ Blaqstarr & Rye Rye

Laurel Halo

DJ Slugo

Written by The 83rd
The 83rd is an American record producer, engineer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and label owner residing in Brooklyn, NY. The 83rd started his career on grammy winner Maurice Joshua's production team in 2004. While working with Maurice, he was commissioned to do remixes for artist such as Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey, Ginuwine and many more. Since then he's gone on to produce, engineer, songwrite and remix artist such as DJ Slugo, Dreamcrusher, Eartheater, TRiPPJONES, Copeland, Angel Haze, Jamie xx, Tinashe, Moon Boots, Cheryl Cole, Janine, Telepathe, Rookie of the Year, A$AP Ant, Nic Hanson, Ski Beatz and worked as an in-house producer for Dame Dash's Blu Roc Imprint. In 2017, he released his solo full-length album, Again I, through his own label Sermon 3 Recordings. He also founded S3R News, a leading news media outlet for underground music, news and culture. The 83rd is known for his extremely experimental style of music production and genre less approach to music, working with noise, hardcore, electronic and industrial artists, as well as RnB, indie folk, blues and gospel. He is also noted in having Synesthesia, which he says strongly influences the sonic and visual directions of his music.