Sudanese Children and Protestors Are Being Raped and Killed for Peaceful Protest Against Government Militia and How We Can Help NOW


Hundreds of children and protestors are being raped, brutalized and/or killed in Sudan for peacefully protesting against Sudan’s military regime. The protesters were attempting to stop further genocide from happening in their country.

The rapes were carried out Rapid Support Forces, a brutal Sudanese militia, who descended on protesters in Khartoum and began to assault, rape and kill over 800 people, leaving over 118 dead, 700 badly injured and 70 sexually assaulted, with 20 percent of those dead being little children!

If your not moved into action I got nothing for you. NOTHING. This is horrific and we need to put all our energy and into helping fight this merciless hate mongering evil.

SCHOOLS, HOSPITALS and HEALTH CENTERS are been targeted, looted and destroyed. Health workers have been assaulted simply for doing their job and try and help people being attacked.

They’re literally killing parents and children and throwing their bodies into the Nile River.

On top of the mass genocide, children are also separately being detained, recruited to join the fighting and sexually abused by the militia.


Hit regime leader’s pockets.

The US Treasury Department could issue an anti-money laundering advisory to thousands of banks to check for the illegal finances coming out of Sudan.

If our Treasury Department issues one of these advisories, (as its done with Venezuela and Ukraine), it would QUICKLY enlist global banks to search for stolen assets being laundered through their financial system. Freezing and seizing their assets would block the Sudanese militia from their own finances, and would be a major and un-utilized point of leverage for peace and human rights!

U.S. Treasury Department has direct power against the Sudanese leaders’ illegal financial activities they’ve been engaging in for years, and we need to use that power to force them into compliance for human rights for Sudanese people.

Contact the head of the US Treasury on Instagram and Twitter @stevenmnuchin1 and let him know we care, the world cares, and we need their action NOW more than ever.

@stevenmnuchin1 the world needs you to issue an anti-money laundering advisory against Sudan, so that we can freeze Sudanese militia’s assets as we negotiate for peace for the Sudanese people!

Women and Children Displaced From Assaults by Government Milita