[PREMIERE] Saint Caboclo – 150 Saint Tool (Circa A.D. AUTOPSY VOL.1)


Meet Circa After Death, the Portuguese queer and trans-aggressive club crew and online label breaking boundaries thru their hyper creative expression and experimental club music. The Circa A.D. community is relentlessly redefining everything you know about underground raves, club culture, music and representation.  

Circa After Death, S3R News

Circa A.D. was born out of a need of diversity in experimental sound and artistic representation in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2018, underground dance mainstays Stasya, Odete, Fylha, GYUR and Yizhaq came together to found a collective who’s aim was to bring forth the rawest, most untapped and creative sounds possible to underground raves and club music.

They also saw and wanted to fill a need for LGBQTIA artists to have their own space and run their own label. To set their own terms. To represent each fully, without permission, thereby providing a space for their community to do the same.

And with Saint Caboclo joining the roster shortly after, that dream began to take fruition.

Saint Caboclo, S3R News

Now Circa A.D. is a fully operating online artistic platform and music label, having released a variety of tracks from artists all around the world including some of the dopest club tracks, bootlegs, edits, and hardcore relentlessness you need to hear.


But Circle After Death isn’t stopping there. As a matter of fact… they’re just warming up. The Lisbon based collective and label has just announced their first club pack compilation featuring global artists, producers and DJ’s from rave culture and underground parties internationally.

It’s a heavy hitting dose of non stop, hardcore, rave, baile funk and dance music. S3R News has the honor of premiering Circa A.D.’s force of musical nature, Saint Caboclo, and their single, 150 Saint Tool.

The second single off Autopsy Vol 1, 150 Saint Tool wastes no time coming for your head. Energetic vocals, percussion and synths stabs jump off the record, grabbing you immediately, commanding you to dance, and not letting go until you obey.

By the time the drums decide to drop its already over. Full club mode activated, 150 Saint Tool is a rave tool of destruction.


We caught up with the Circa AD crew to dig further behind the scenes with the what, why’s and what’s next. See below:

S3R News: Love everything about Circa. How and when did come about?

Circa AD: Most of the Circa A.D. members were friends and already working with music in other collectives/projects, but seeing that there was necessity for diversity and representation in Lisbon’s club scene, Stasya, Odete, Fylha, Gyur and ex-member Yizhaq founded Circa A.D.
Later on Saint Caboclo was invited to be part of the collective.

S3R: What inspired you to drop AUTOPSY VOL.1?

Circa: Autopsy is our first club pack which features artists from all over the world. Most of the artists on this release have already collaborated with our collective through mixes, original tracks (on CHERUBEAST) and on our social media platforms. In Autopsy we try to show through music what club music feels like for Circa A.D. 

S3R: Y’all putting on any live events anytime soon? Any plans to travel or work with collaborators in different parts of the world in that regard?

Circa: We have been working on several events for Yuuts Ruoy’s magazine release which is coming out later this month, and as we prepare for the release of Autopsy, we are trying our best to schedule our next events for 2020. Right now Odete, Stasya and Saint are on the process of creating and releasing of their solo EPs which might have also events not directly connected to Circa A.D. At the moment we are starting to grow in the European music scene and we hope we can also collaborate in other countries outside of Europe. 

Circa After Death’s AUTOPSY VOL.1 compilation is out February 4th.

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