i8i is The New Mutant Underground Collective You Need to Know

011668, Ben Sang, Billie0cean, DÆMON, Eddington Again, FITNESSS, GOYAconnect, Hudson Kendall, JÆCE, Modulaw, NGHTCRWLR, S280F, sv1, The 83rd, vvxxii, Xzavier Stone — experimental artists from LA to Berlin have come together for unlimited virtual collabs.

No rules, just some of the wildest, most fringe sound and video artists hot saucin ideas and expressions back n forth, birthing them via their online playground, i8i.

And it doesn’t stop there. Members DÆMON, JÆCE, FITNESS and 011668 collaborated with frequent Bjork visual director, Andrew Thomas Huang, for the collective’s recent release in Climaxx.

An r&b-dnb-infused rave machine, Climaxx, is matched alongside orbited objects pulsating thru Huang’s never-static mind.

Check out Climaxx and i8i below:

Also not to be missed, is the 3:33 3-D sonic-visual-innovation-capsule from i8i entitled DÆ1R, by FITNESSS, DÆMON & SAJDAH, with visuals from 01168 and Lucid Interval.

A transcendent and infectious hook, cross-juxtaposed with DÆMON’s unique rhyme delivery and FITNESSS’ all ready classic club-rave track –DÆ1R is a huge sleeper on the internet right now.

But the collective didn’t stop there, 011668 and Lucid Intervals recorded live video footage at vertexx, and mixed the footage with 3D scans and immersive post-production techniques to create something not quite seen anywhere else on the internet.

Experience Below

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