Eartheater Releases IRISISI

I haven’t been this excited for a project IN. A. WHILE. Queens laiden experimental artist Eartheater dropped her third full length album Friday, IRISIRI.

I had already fell in love with C.L.I.T. earlier this year, the bombastic sonic journey with all its quells, ups n downs, meek moments and subtle that you can’t teach, so I was excited to experience the rest of the album. and whewww let. me tell. you.

IRISIRI is an indescribable ride. Im not gone use a bunch of big words to try to put it in frame, or give you my analysis of each song. Thats played.

To really do IRISIRI justice ima keep it a buck with you. This project sounds like no other project to me, and moves me like no other project moves me. Its my favorite shit right now.

If you’re looking for an exploration, experimentation, beautiful melodies matched with beautiful dissonance, an expression that is untethered, wild and free, mixed in a stew of motifs that bring you back to center?…press play.

oh and watch the video for Inclined.

*make sure to put it at max HD, its a different experience at max HD.

Written by Jay Eldridge
The 83rd is an American record producer, engineer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and label owner residing in Brooklyn, NY. The 83rd started his career on grammy winner Maurice Joshua's production team in 2004. While working with Maurice, he was commissioned to do remixes for artist such as Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey, Ginuwine and many more. Since then he's gone on to produce, engineer, songwrite and remix artist such as DJ Slugo, Dreamcrusher, Eartheater, TRiPPJONES, Copeland, Angel Haze, Jamie xx, Tinashe, Moon Boots, Cheryl Cole, Janine, Telepathe, Rookie of the Year, A$AP Ant, Nic Hanson, Ski Beatz and worked as an in-house producer for Dame Dash's Blu Roc Imprint. In 2017, he released his solo full-length album, Again I, through his own label Sermon 3 Recordings. He also founded S3R News, a leading news media outlet for underground music, news and culture. The 83rd is known for his extremely experimental style of music production and genre less approach to music, working with noise, hardcore, electronic and industrial artists, as well as RnB, indie folk, blues and gospel. He is also noted in having Synesthesia, which he says strongly influences the sonic and visual directions of his music.