Eartheater is slaying with her recent releases in C.L.I.T. and Claustra


oh my gawd. The mangled synths, samples, guitars, and stunk drums gliding in and out, unchained to anything but Alexandra’s soul, which has lost any bit of conventionality eons ago, ducking, moving, running and screaming, she is untethered. And we get to witness.

C.L.I.T. is an honest reaction to all that Eartheater is carrying, the opposite of formulaic, C.L.I.T. is an on-the-edge, chaotic burst of energy that is just what the soul ordered in this chaotic world.

Eartheater released C.L.I.T and its artwork, along with her full length album tracklist for IRISIRI, which releases on Berlin based experimental label, PAN, on June 8th.


01. ‘Peripheral’
02. ‘Inclined’
03. ‘Not Worried’
04. ‘Inkling’
05. ‘MTTM’
06. ‘Inhale Baby’ (ft. Odwalla1221)
07. ‘Curtains’
08. ‘Slyly Child’
09. ‘Switch’
10. ‘Trespasses’
11. ‘MMXXX’ (ft. Moor Mother)
12. ‘C.L.I.T.’
13. ‘OS In Vitro’

She also dropped a teaser video for IRISIRI which you can check below:

oh yeah, and then there’s Claustra. (insert wide eyes)

Eartheater dropped this video earlier this month when announcing she was signing with PAN. Originally written in 2015, she felt that it didn’t quite fit on her last album, RIP Chrysalis, but knew now was the time to release.

Words can’t even do it justice. Jus press play.