The year is 2009, Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields officially release Dead Man’s Bones in the ethos, giving the world a fragiley raw, experimental and honest take on folk rock.

Together with the Silverlake Conservatory of Music‘s children’s choir, and producer Tim Anderson of Ima Robot, the pair created something like I had never quite heard before. A flash on Johnny Cash, a flash of doo-wop, a flash of folk put together, their perspective was something entirely new.

Walking thru the streets of NYC, DMB has been my soundtrack for seasons at a time. The pace and calm of the record, the monotones matched the dynamics, everything wrong about it makes it so right.

So in honor of Halloween, I thought it only fit we revisit this classic indie album, and give it some due attention.

We added to November’s TESTIFY video playlist, you can listen below.

Written by The 83rd
The 83rd is an American record producer, engineer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, sound designer and label owner residing in Brooklyn, NY. The 83rd started his career on grammy winner Maurice Joshua's production team in 2004. While working with Maurice, he was commissioned to do remixes for artist such as Missy Elliott, Mariah Carey, Ginuwine and many more. Since then he's gone on to produce, engineer, songwrite and remix artist such as DJ Slugo, Dreamcrusher, Eartheater, TRiPPJONES, Copeland, Angel Haze, Jamie xx, Tinashe, Moon Boots, Cheryl Cole, Janine, Telepathe, Rookie of the Year, A$AP Ant, Nic Hanson, Ski Beatz and worked as an in-house producer for Dame Dash's Blu Roc Imprint. In 2017, he released his solo full-length album, Again I, through his own label Sermon 3 Recordings. He also founded S3R News, a leading news media outlet for underground music, news and culture. The 83rd is known for his extremely experimental style of music production and genre less approach to music, working with noise, hardcore, electronic and industrial artists, as well as RnB, indie folk, blues and gospel. He is also noted in having Synesthesia, which he says strongly influences the sonic and visual directions of his music.