Coronavirus Tracking Systems Are Being Launched Worldwide


As nations around the world gear up to launch COVID tracking apps, we dig deeper into who’s doing what and what all this means.

Corona Tracking Apps alert users if they’ve been near someone who has tested positive for the virus.

The UK

The UK is rolling out the first of its Corona tracking app today. Later this month, they’re dropping a full nationwide app, asking the whole country to track their movements to stop the spread of COVID-19.

This, along with a team of 18,000 people, will call any potentially infected people to notify them to self isolate.

South Korea

The government is monitoring the movement of affected patients and those in quarantine through the smartphone app COVID-19 SMS.

The government is beginning to strap electronic wristbands on those who ignore home-quarantine orders. A refusal to use the band will result in the person being moved to a shelter, which they will have to pay for themselves.


India has launched the smartphone app AarogyaSetu. It uses Bluetooth technology to check if coronavirus is near you.

The app has recorded 75 million downloads.


Australia launched the COVIDSafe app, powered by Bluetooth.

All cell numbers within a 5 feet of an infected person, for 15 minutes or more, will be stored.


People scan QR codes to share their COVID status and travel history.

Codes must be scanned before boarding public transportation, airports, offices and housing.

Apple and Google are set to release its Coronavirus tracking system in the coming days.

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